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What physical complaints are you experiencing?

Our goal is to help you gain insights into any problems regarding your musculo-skeletal system and to provide guidance towards regaining and optimizing healthy functionality. We specialize in pain-related disability, joint problems, neurological or stress-related disorders and fall risk assessment.
Functional disorders
When you are experiencing joint or muscular problems.
Fall risk
Vertigo, loss of balance control, or a history of falling incidents.
Chronic pain
Primarily suffering from pain with complaints lasting more than 3 months?
Stress-related disorders
When you are suffering from stress-related disorders such as burn-out, hyperventilation or fatigue.
Do you have specific complaints or do you have questions for us?

Taking the first steps together

ReLab is a service platform situated within the Limburg Clinical Research Center (LCRC) and the faculty of rehabilitation sciences of UHasselt. It combines the experience and expertise of researchers and teachers to improve functional ability of individuals and to help answer questions posed by health care providers, companies and organizations. For more complex issues, ReLab can provide client-oriented expertise.

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