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How can we help health care providers?

We can provide in-depth analyses of patients with a complex clinical profile to assess physical ability and/or advice regarding rehabilitation according the latest scientific insights. At your request, we can also organize tailored workshops for you and your staff.
Rehabilitation advice based on physical assessments and objective measurements

For clinical organizations and individuals involved in rehabilitation ReLab is a partner to which patients can be referred for physical evaluations on the level of functionality, activity and participation. Based on these evaluations we can also formulate rehabilitation advice.

Kinematic evaluation of treatment outcomes

Our state-of-the-art facilities offer the possibility to examine the effects of various treatments and procedures on movement patterns and physical ability of patients.

Analysis of psychosocial impact

In addition to clinical physical assessments, we can assess the impact of psychosocial factors, such as stress and fear, on functional ability.

Workshops and tailored courses

ReLab offers a wide variety of workshops and courses (eg. The use of concurrent rehabilitation technologies) based on the latest insights regarding evaluation and rehabilitation.

Facilities and equipment

Conducting your own rehabilitation project but lacking the right equipment? Our facilities can help achieving your goals.

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Shared knowledge

We organize practical courses on the use of various technologies in rehabilitation according to the latest insights into evaluation and rehabilitation. Contact us with your specific needs and we will gladly assess how we can provide optimally tailored workshops for you and your colleagues.
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Taking the first steps together

ReLab is a service platform situated within the Limburg Clinical Research Center (LCRC) and the faculty of rehabilitation sciences of UHasselt. It combines the experience and expertise of researchers and teachers to improve functional ability of individuals and to help answer questions posed by health care providers, companies and organizations. For more complex issues, ReLab can provide client-oriented expertise.

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Scientific research

Our team is comprised of members with experience in rehabilitation sciences, ergotherapeutic sciences, (bio-)medical sciences, and psychological sciences. This enables us to conduct research and gain expertise in a wide variety of research technologies. Below, you can find a list of some of our most recent publications, scientific events and testimonies. Follow us on Twitter (@REVALResearch)