Functional disorders

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If you are suffering from: joint disorders (limited mobility, muscle weakness) and/or muscular disorders (tendinopathy, motor control).

Or if you are suffering from problems maintaining postural control, have difficulty with movement due to orthopaedic problems or neurological problems (in adults and children), or age-related disorders.

How can we help you?

Balance and movement analysis – gait analysis

Developed for individuals with pain, joint instability, suffering from impaired mobility of the upper and lower limbs and during the performance of activities of daily life.

Movement analysis through video-tracking, force plates, Xsens, APDM sensors or GaitRite.

Additional tests such as strength testing (BIODEX, Mircrofet), tests of flexibility and freedom of movement can be performed to reveal the underlying cause(s) of functional disability.

Evaluation of muscle tissue

Using 3D-ultrasound, we can assess muscle volume, length and muscle characteristics, and evaluate muscle functionality.

Pain evaluation

In addition to clinical examination (including pain evaluation using questionnaires and algometrics) we can assess the impact of pain on psychosocial aspects of functional disability. This allows us to provide personalized rehabilitation advice for both physiological and functional improvements.

Evaluation of specific neurological symptoms

The basic clinical neurological physiotherapeutic examination will provide basic insights into possible movement disorders and their underlying cause. If needed, we can assess physical symptoms such as muscle fatigue, desensitization, reduced mobility of the arm and hand, and reduced stability of the trunk and scapula. Additionally, we can perform cognitive testing during physical tasks such as walking and cooking (multi-tasking). Our goal is to provide personally tailored recommendations to improve your functional ability.

Do you have specific complaints or do you have questions for us?

Andere klachten

Fall risk
Vertigo, loss of balance control, or a history of falling incidents.
Chronic pain
Primarily suffering from pain with complaints lasting more than 3 months?
Stress-related disorders
When you are suffering from stress-related disorders such as burn-out, hyperventilation or fatigue.